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The Art Of Jump-Cutting - 8 Steps To Mastery

The Art Of Jump-Cutting - 8 Steps To Mastery

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The Art Of Jump-Cutting is the worlds best program for athletes wanting to master the move that running backs use very often. In this program we have over 40+ drills/progressions that will help you master the Ultimate running back move. This program was created to be different and to keep athletes on their toes. This is the best program out for running backs right now. Both coaches and players can utilize this program. 

8 Different Drill Concepts With 4-5 progressions = 40 Plus Drills

About Coach Jerry Seymour

​As RBA's founder and leader, Jerry Seymour has over 20 years of experience in the football industry as a highly recruited player, and now a highly sought after coach, specializing in enhancing running back performance through the unique development of position drills. Under his leadership, RBA has grown into the premier training and development program centered around providing in depth understanding of X's & O's of the game. Jerry is committed to helping others industry recognize the VALUE of the running back position.

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