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RBA Explosion Program - Volume 1

RBA Explosion Program - Volume 1

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Thank you for your Interest in the RBA Explosion Vol. 1 Program. We are not a speed program, but we work on explosion, which is a major component for running backs. If you look at the top running backs in rushing yardage most of them are not speed demons, but they have enough explosion to get them to the end zone. I tell my backs all the time if you explode through the hole that explosion will carry you to the end zone. Everybody is fast in college and pros, but do you have enough explosion out the gate to give you that head start. Thank you again! We hope you enjoy this program, and look forward to seeing you at our Vol. 2 Program (Dropping Soon). What to expect? You will see plyometric drill mix in with running back movements, and full explosion workouts. Their is no refund for Digital Downloads...

This is a digital download with:

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Program Details:

  • 15 Workouts
  • Over 60+ Drill
  • Each Drill Comes With Coaching Cues Breaking Down Each Drill
  • Drill Layout
  • Equipment Needed - Alternatives Are Available For Those Who Don't Own Equipment  
  • Sets & Reps
  • Organized Private Folders With All Workout Attached 


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